Yes, absolutely!

1. CandyNeon LED signs are handmade with flex neon LED, do not contain gas or mercury, thus won't harm people's health.

2. CandyNeon LED signs are only 12V thus run at a safer voltage than a traditional neon light. Its low voltage output ensures the outer surface doesn’t heat up even after long hours of operating.

3. There is no breakable glass in CandyNeon LED signs. It’s safe for installation and usage.

LED neon is one of the most versatile commercial lighting products on the market today. LED lighting products are smaller, lighter than old glass neon lighting. Moreover, this new light source reduces power consumption while delivering significantly greater lighting.

1. LED neon signs are brighter than glass neon light fixtures. They provide uniform, dot-free soft light that is dispersed evenly across your space. 

2. LED neon signs are available in a number of colors like red, yellow, blue, green, neutral white, cool white, and warm white colors.

3. LED neon is is safe for the environment and and won't harm people's health. For neon glass sign. It's possibly dangerous if neon leaks into the air because of damage to a glass tube.

4.. LED neon is energy efficient and won’t overheat. Its low voltage output ensures the outer surface doesn’t heat up even after long hours of operating.

5. LED neon has only normal AC voltage considerations and is safer when turning on/off the light.

6. LED neon signs are available with clear or colored acrylic backgrounds.

1. Single color. CandyNeon has a total of 22 colors for choice. 12 of these are white when light off and colored when light on. The remaining 10 colors are colored both light on and off.

2. Multiple solid colors.

3. RGB color: neon color can be switched from one solid color to another.

Of course! As a default! CandyNeon also provides you with a wireless dimmer, this plugs in between your sign and the power supply and allows you to easily adjust the brightness of your sign to fit the mood of the room.

It can be used to dim the light, switch it on and off from distance and program the light to flash/glow in multiple models.

CandyNeon offers waterproof neon signs for outdoors events, massage steam bath….. Please be noted this is not a default material.

All of CandyNeon signs connect directly into a standard power socket (with plug for each shipping country) and it comes with a 12V transformer. Safe for any country, any kids!

Plug is our default choice. Pls let us know if need battery set.

CandyNeon offers 4 methods to install a sign. Mounting screws is the default choice.

1. Mounting on wall by screws (Drilling is required).

2. Hanging or suspending by wires (Drilling is not required and easy to move around).

3. Sitting on table by a stand(Drilling is not required and easy to move around).

4. Attaching to a surface by 3M strip. (Drilling is not required).

Yes CandyNeon highly recommends that you should keep it on.

Neon signs DON’T consume a lot of electricity. Keeping neon signs on 24/7 actually will make it last longer. Plugging and unplugging your sign actually wears off the transformer quicker and reduces the lifespan of your neon sign.

The luminous LED tubes of the signs usually last for around 10 years. This is about 3 times longer lifespan than traditional gas neon signs. Normally if there is a problem it’s usually the adapter that fails, however these are replaceable items and we can supply replacements if necessary.

Not at all. LED neon is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.


Standard order: handle and ship out in 1-2 weeks.

Rush Order: handle and ship out within 1 week.

Delivery time takes 3-7 working days.

The lead time is unstable especially in holidays. We’ll update our lead time if necessary, so please refer info showed on order page.

All orders are shipped by express DHL/Fedex/TNT. Door to door.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email that will include the tracking number from the delivery courier.


We ONLY accept refund & exchanges on faulty products. CandyNeon will make every effort to resolve issues and replace, refund or partially refund the product. The final resolution for defective products is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Please open your parcel immediately after receiving it. Damage, if any, contact hello@candyneon.com and send us detailed pictures of the damages, after reviewing we will give solution at the first time.

All our product are tested for quality and packed well for delivery. 1 year warranty is offered for your order. If any problem for using the product, contact hello@candyneon.com after receiving product for timely help. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

Our team bend those flex neon strip by hand. Therefore, your custom neon sign could not be 100% matching with mock-up we sent. We believe all craft item is unique. Please bear in mind that product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. The color of our neon product from our website or mock-ups for reference only.