Why Are Neon LED Signs the Perfect Holiday Gifts?

It is that time of the year when we give and receive gifts. Holidays are for goodwill and showing our gratitude to those we love. 

But thinking of what to give out is always an issue. You want something unique and out of the ordinary.

Well, we got you covered. Here you can get some great ideas for perfect gifts for that important person on that special occasion below.

Can Neon LED Signs Be a Perfect Holiday Gift?

When we hear neon LED signs, what comes to mind for most people is those lights on the streets, bars, clubs, and restaurants. We fail to understand that they are also great for the indoors, and not only that but as a gift.

Look around; the neon LED trend is taking over our homes in a big way. They look edgy and classy and are much affordable.

So, you can join the trend by celebrating your love or friendship using neon lights or quotes. Their fun and creative nature make it appealing even to people who are not into gifts.

Their way of brightening up things and making a statement and a personality to a wall is remarkable. What's more, neon LED lights are also not limited to age or gender.

Thus, you can never run out of gift choices. Plus, if you intend to convey a message, then consider them your go-to choice.

Suppose you're wondering whether neon signs are appropriate as a gift, regardless of the relationship between the two of you. Then neon lights can be the perfect gift offered to anyone. Be it a friend, spouse, lover, kids, or parent!

It's because you get to decide on what shape, color, and text to have displayed. It can be personal - if the person is someone close.

Furthermore, if what you're looking for needs to pass the test of time, a neon sign is a thing for you. You can trust the neon lights to never go out of style.

3 Reasons to Select Led Neon Sign as a Gift

Let's check out the below pointers that can convince you on a thought that neon LED signs are the best gifts.

1) Custom Made With Love

The good thing about LED neon signs is that they allow for creativity. You can choose the style, size, color, font, and design you want.

Having spent time to figure out what the person in question is okay with shows how much you care and value them.

So, customizing neon signs can make it personal. You get to print shapes, quotes, or even jokes that only you and the special one can understand.

It makes the receiver feel special having their names on the side of a love message. If you want to add sparks to a relationship, we are here to help you with that by bringing your thoughts and imaginations into reality.

2) Ever-Lasting Effects

Neon lights are durable and have a way of making a permanent impression. It is an exceptional gift that your beloved will keep at heart for as long as they keep seeing the LED light. After all, we don't get to receive this kind of gift every other day.

It doesn't end there. Your dear one can add it up in the home decor. That's because these lights can turn dull walls without much effort. Bright colors have a way of getting into us.

3) Be Stylish and Stay Memorable

When choosing a gift for someone, we always want something unique, stylish, and comfortable. Neon LED light seems to be the in thing now and is here to stay. You can find neon signs in most of your cool celebrities' homes.

You may enhance a picture of you two using neon lights and have them hang on the walls. Otherwise, use them to light up your bathroom. It also adds touch to the home or office decor, so you get remembered for a long time.

What Neon LED Signs Should You Choose To Gift Someone?

Do you want to give a gift to someone with a neon sign but don't know which one to pick? Well, you can never run out of some great options.

Here are some of the best options we have hand-picked for you.

1) Leaf-Shaped Neon Sign

With a shape of a leaf, a neon light can work well on flowers planted in your home. They complement the living plants.

You can place the led light on a leaf and have the receiver land on glowing leaves on the entrance when back home. They will, later on, use it to light up the compound at night. 

2) Cloud-Shaped Neon Signs

With a cloud-like shape, neon signs can light up any home. It's perfect for all occasions, and one can hang it anywhere - above the bed, hallway, living room. We have them in all sizes and different shades of colors.

3) Personalized Neon Sign

Pour out your thoughts on the neon signs. It may be for birthday messages, anniversaries, Christmas, or graduation. They can also be a great asset to the wall decor.

You can make it personal with your text. But go for brands that allow for customization.

4) Chill Shaped Neon Sign

Like the name, a chill quote brings about calmness. It serves well in the bedroom as a reminder that we need a break from the daily hustle. It can also serve as a lamp, and as they light it, your memories will always linger on their minds.

5) Rainbow LED Sign

This multi-colored sign is the best option for your kids' bedroom or the playground. It brings about the play and fun that children like. They colorfully light those areas.

6) Good Vibes Neon LED Signs

Set the room with a 'good vibe' message for those dinner dates and Friday movie nights. It can serve as a gift, a lamplight, or wall art.

7) Quote Signs

Do you desire to tell your friend/partner how much you love them? Or do you want to motivate them to keep going?

Then, you don't need to be creative in forming your own words when a quote sign is for you. Unlike the personalized signs, these are ready-made using famous quotes. The quotes are limitless, and we have texts for all events.

How to Gift Neon Led Signs?

There's no specific rule of thumb in which to gift somebody. But there are methods you can use anytime you want to give out.

Everyone has their way of making it personal and unique in their way.

1) The Stranger Way!

It involves having a stranger present the gift on your behalf. Either with a hidden identity or with your identity revealed.

It can be a neighbor or even a delivery guy. Even a letter carrier can do that for you.

Order the neon sign from our online shop and have the delivery guy deliver it for you in style. Be it home, in the office, or over a date in your favorite spot!

2) The Hunt Method

Show your partner or lover that there's a gift, but they have to find it by themselves. Also, you can make it fun by playing a little game giving clues to find the treasure.

These may be quizzes or riddles. Ask questions that lead to another until they get to it. The questions shouldn't be too hard, as it makes the game lose its fun.

At the end of the quiz session, you can present a beautiful neon LED sign of the heart shape wrapped in a gift box.

3) The Fake-Out

The fake-out technique intends to hide a gift. It involves attaching the treasure to another, but it's usually the centerpiece.

An example is where one puts an engagement ring inside a bun. Then have the lady find it later before proposing. Here the centerpiece is the ring.

Of course, the LED neon cannot fit in a loaf of bread. You would then need not put the lights on in the first place and after they have seen it and dismissed it.

Instead, you can put it on and watch their eyes glow in awe. What's more, you may also want to use fake packaging.

4) The Discovery

Here you place the gift in an unthinkable place to have them stumble upon it. Choose a spot where they often check, like the closet or behind a door, kitchen drawer. They will then discover the gift when they visit these places.

The Neon sign has to stand out from the rest of the space, so place it in a quiet spot. In short, the idea is to have it not go unnoticeable.

5) The Surprise

If you got the time, rearrange a room for this surprise. Have the receiver walk into the living room to only find the neon quote hung with the names, favorite quotes, or your feelings for them engraved on it.

Moreover, you may act as you forgot about the day only to come up with the gift late at night or very early in the morning when they least expect it.

Though some people don't like surprises, act with caution.

Final Thoughts!

Have you considered getting neon LED signs as a gift from the insights above? We hope now you can gift neon LED lights to a special person with full confidence.

Also, make sure you use one of the ways mentioned above to present the gift. Visit our online store for the best custom neon LED signs at a fair price. Happy holidays!

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