What Is a Good Neon Sign Size for a Wedding?

Neon signs are a huge comeback in contemporary weddings. We love neon signs for weddings as they have a sure way of elevating the ceremony decor. They can leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of those attending the wedding. Thus, we find them hung in the most thoughtful places in the venue.

Are you in need of one but don't have the slightest idea of what size fits well where? Luckily, we have suggestions on the right size and factors to consider. You can follow these tips before buying a neon sign for your wedding.

Can a Neon Led Sign Be a Good Option for Wedding Decoration?

A neon LED sign is the perfect decoration you can ever have for your wedding. These signs are trendy. So, anyone can use it for a romantic aesthetic. Neon signs are unique decoration items like flowers, balloons, and chandeliers.

Their bright features can brighten up a dull event without much effort. With a touch of style, edge, and a modern vibe, they give assurance to your invites. There's something about color and our mood. Thus, we notice them in most weddings nowadays, as people have come to love them.

Why Use Neon LED Signs for Wedding Decorations?

Neon signs are strong and durable, giving value to your money. They have a long shelf life. Besides, they are easy to install, making them safe for decorating your wedding. Since they can stay up for long, they can double up as your home decor after the wedding as a remembrance of the vows you took back then.

They decorate an event and light up your wedding with purpose. The neon can direct your guests around the venue. So, instead of the traditional wooden signs, you can use neon signs to mark stations, tell a story, relay important wedding information, and even as a backdrop to your wedding pictures. Trust it to say what cannot be said aloud.

Quotes like 'Till infinity' or 'Forever With You' can assure your spouse-to-be that you're there to stay. Likewise, "drunk in love"- brings a glow to the cocktail party.

Moreover, the brightness of signs makes them an ideal backdrop for those wedding photos. They can shine both at the ceremony and the reception. But, one must incorporate them into a good background.

You can also customize the neon sign to suit your needs. That makes it an ideal decor since it matches the color theme and the event. It is going to manifest your dream wedding. Having something thought about and designed by you gives you a sense of belonging and individuality.

Customizing helps discover your hidden artistic prowess. It lets you present your personality and character.

What Is the Ideal Size for a Neon LED Sign for a Wedding?

The standard size for a neon led sign is 2.5ft to 4.5ft wide. It seems to fit best as a backdrop in every picture you take. Remember, there can never be a good size to match what you want.

These estimates can't hinder you from having the neon the size of the whole world (if possible). That is why most suppliers allow buyers to customize it.

So any size is a perfect one. It all depends on some factors before buying a neon led sign. For the attention seekers, you can try a big-sized neon. Likewise, for the minimalists, go for a small neon sign that will not grab the guests' attention.

How to Determine the Perfect Size for Neon Led Sign for a Wedding?

Of course, you can find the ideal size of neon LED signs by checking the below factors.

1. Measure Your Space

You don't want to order a neon sign then, later on, discover that it doesn't fit well in your specified area. Remember that most neon signs are custom-made. So most companies don't accept returns.

Thus, make sure you choose a neon sign according to where you want it placed. If you are not good at estimating with eyes, consider having a tape measure to be sure. However, space is always guaranteed in a wedding, especially garden weddings. Some companies can do the measurement for you.

2. Keep in Mind Functionality and Design

Work with your tastes and preferences. Suppliers have the already made neon signs in stores, but it's not the final. Everyone has their own love story they would love to share on their big day.

As they say, another man's food is another man's poison. That is why most suppliers give you a chance to customize the neon sign in the shape, size, font, and color you want.

Customizing enhances the functionality of the neon sign. A welcome sign will have the right words, like the aisle one.

3. Remember Budget

The budget should always come first. When buying anything, always look at your pockets first. You don't have to buy a product using all your hard-earned cash. There's life and more of it after the wedding, remember.

Before buying, look around for different companies dealing with neon signs. After that, you can compare their prices.

You can then settle for the affordable ones. Remember, money will determine the size you buy. The costlier the neon, the bigger the size.

4. Bonus Tip: Get Opinions!

If you don't have the primary idea of what exactly fits you, you can always ask. Have some friends or family with a keen eye for art do that for you(art is never for everyone). Or you might use social media (Instagram) for some insights.

Top Ways to Use Neon Led Signs for Brightening Your Wedding

If you're planning for a wedding soon, don't stress much. We've got some top ways in which to use neon-led signs for your wedding day.

1. Chair Decoration

We're all about colors. Take your game a little higher and have the seats at the venue decorated with neon lights and quotes. The glow of colors will enhance the place, adding flavor to your special day.

Another way is to draw attention to the bride-to-be and groom's chairs only. Have the "bride" -"groom" words displayed to make your seats stand out from the rest.

2. Customized Bar

Personalize your wedding. Bring your individuality to the test on your wedding day. Use your favorite text to send a message to your significant other. Those quotes usually have more meaning if they are your own words used.

These can be your names, first or last name initials, or a favorite personal quote. You can add a hashtag for future reference. If the neon is yours, it will be a good keepsake for your home, with memories and a reminder of the love you share.

3. Hashtag Sign

Whether you're in for a big statement, use the hashtag neon sign. Ideal for use in the bridal shower party also. Give your guests a backdrop to their pics.

From the welcome sign to the cocktail sign, include the hashtags. Let your social media enthusiast guests hashtag your wedding in their Instagram accounts. As a result, it can help you keep track of all the photos taken on that eventful day by searching the hashtag.

4. Band Logo

Have the logo of your favorite band displayed at the event. That is for the sake of your love for music. It is a sure way to spice up things while bonding your love.

5. Tropical Photo Booth

Create good memories for your big day. As a backdrop for your photo sessions, neon signs are ideal for those Instagram pics by your guests and you. Like those red carpet snaps taken by celebrities, a photo booth is for the photo session.

Don't wait to be a celebrity to try out these things. Use great colors and design to make it more interesting.

6. Moody Aesthetic

Let neon sign welcome guests to your wedding, as well as set the ceremonial mood. With a pink neon led sign, create a dreamy ambiance. These can be, especially on the dance floor and the wedding bar. Later on, it can light up your homes.

7. Contemporary Alter

Bring that modern vibe to your wedding alter. A white neon sign is your perfect bet for those outdoor weddings. It will convey peacefulness, purity, and harmony. It can also serve as a suitable backdrop for your wedding vow photo sessions as well as a cocktail.

8. Champagne Tower

With a splash of color, elevate your champagne tower. The neon signage can indicate that it's time for the party to start. Be sure to use a color that will intrigue that retro feel. A "champagne" neon sign will set the tone right.

Final Thoughts!

So the next time you plan to adorn a wedding setting, hang those neons at a focal point for an eye-catching display. Ensure that all the guests and the photographer have a glimpse of it.

Depending on what the text says, you can decide where to place the signage. Most signs come equipped with a frame that fits anywhere. The frameless ones are great on a surface like a tabletop.

You can tell us what you want to have on the sign. Besides, you can also view our collection of custom wedding neon signs.

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