Neon Signs You Must Have at Your Wedding

Neon signs have become a MUST in every wedding, it’s not just a trend anymore; it’s the touch you need to make your wedding a masterpiece. It’s customizable, creative, fun and vibrant.

Neon LED signs are here to hype up your wedding! From a welcome sign to ceremony decors, bar signs and direction signs, your big day needs some lights on and some lively tones! But what signs should you get for your ceremony? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, here is a list of signs you definitely need for your wedding.

Neon signs you need on your wedding:

According to, these are the signs you need to have at your wedding:

  • Welcome neon sign:


Nothing can be worst than a cold uninviting entrance, that’s why a welcome sign is what every wedding needs. Let the first thing your guest see is a fresh sweet welcome sign, it wouldn’t just welcome them but it will also excite them, a happy sign can convey all the feelings you want to tell your guests

  • Ceremony decor neon sign:


It might be a love quote written with a cursive dim light, or a magnificent shape drawn with your favorite color, a heart or a cupid arrow, who knows! Whatever it is; it will make your décor look way better than the dull usual wedding style, it will be vibrant, unexpected and stunning with a touch of romantic aesthetics to match the theme.

  • Direction neon sign:


Light the way for your guests and keep them intrigued with shining neon signs leading the way to your aisle. It is an unexpected way to energize the ceremony and make it blossom with life in a classy way, especially if it is a large place, it will make it easier to guide the guests without them getting confused.

  • Seating charts neon sign:


It’s not just a modern and organized tool to make your guests comfortable, it’s also a fun eye-catching sign, and it will also put your wedding planner at ease, they won’t have to worry about the guests anymore. The sign is easy to spot and will have your guests organized without any trouble.

  • Wedding bar neon sign:


This sign is absolutely important if you are having a bar at your wedding, you can’t leave it looking all old and dull! You must frame your bar with the bright lights of a neon sign. Giving it a lively appearance and helping your guest find their way to get their drinks.

Other ideas to energize the ceremony with neon signs:

According to Martha Stewart site.

  • Heart shape neon sign:


Nothing better than a heart & initials neon sign to mark your big day, your entrance will look exotic with this sign.

  • Neon sign on the door way:


A headliner on the doorway would be a beautiful soft touch to welcome your guests to walk into your wedding.

  • Neon sign to light up your dance floor:


You should let your dance floor bloom with life and what’s better for that than a neon sign!! The Dj booth would look magical with a glowing red sign.

  • Neon sign to decorate the photo booth:


Your big day would look magical with the touch of your favorite quote cast with a soft light. But your photos need to look as magical as your ceremony; that’s why hanging a neon sign on the photo booth is something you need to try! 

  • Mr. and Mrs. neon sign:


Add your personal touch to the aisle! Just imagine how your names would look surrounded by flowers and gleaming with a striking light. I can’t imagine my wedding without getting one, and neither you. It’s like screaming to the whole crowd “we did it, we are getting married!”

  • Champaign tower decor sign:


Make your Champaign tower glow up with neon lights; a neon sign behind the tower would cast a dazzling aesthetic look to the whole place.

  • Flowers and neon sign:


Combining a neon sign with flowers is the best decorative touch you can add to your wedding, whether it is on your aisle, the entrance or anywhere; it would enhance the romantic theme.

  • Green grass backdrop and neon sign:


A faint pink line hanging in front of a green background is my favorite aesthetic, it is the most beautiful and eye-catching sight that you can give your big- day.

  • A hashtag neon sign:


This was the idea of Jenna Miller an expert on wedding planning, as she suggests that you have a neon sign with your own hashtag. This will be a decorative sign and will also give your guests something to share on their social media. All you have to do is light your wedding and let the hashtag go viral on the internet.

Love quotes to design your wedding neon sign:

Here is a list of my favorite romantic quotes to show everyone how much you love each other.

  • "Till death do us party" neon sign


This is a promise, a vow, and most of all a romantic gesture that your partner will definitely love.

  • "To the moon and back" neon sign


Don’t miss the chance to tell your lover how much you love them with this lovely quote.

  • "Happily ever after" neon sign


A happy ending and a forever with your lover is a beautiful thing to share with your guests

  • "Drunk in love" neon sign


This quote is definitely my favorite, we see the world differently when we are with our loved ones, we get drunk in love and lose ourselves to its wonders, let your lover know you are drunk on their love!!

  • "Written in the stars" neon sign


This is the best quote to tell your lover that whatever happens you are staying by their side, and tell everyone that you are meant for each other.

  • "You & me" neon sign


A small quote but the sweetest of all, it’s just the both of you; it’s your big day…

  • "Crazy in love" neon sign


Express your love and tell your lover how crazy you are about them.

  • "It was always you" neon sign


This is the best quote to tell your lover that whatever happens you are staying by their side, and tell everyone that you are meant for each other.

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