Should I Leave My Neon Sign on All the Time?

Whether to leave neon signs on 24/7 or turn them off from time to time is something that many people are wondering about, so if you are confused about this keep reading the article to know more about this issue.

Neon LED signs are known to have a long life span (from 8 to 15 years according ) which leads me to our insistent question: should I leave my neon sign on? The answer is yes, experts highly recommend that you should keep it on. And here is a list of the reasons and advantages for leaving neon signs on.

Neon LED signs DON’T consume a lot of electricity:

First of all, I know that a lot of you out there are worried about how much neon signs are costing you, no need to worry! Even though neon signs are quite efficient, they tend to use an average of “60w to 100w” (According to ) which will cost you close to nothing, so you can finally rest at ease; neon signs aren’t going to empty your pockets if you leave them on!!

Might seem contradicting but...keeping neon signs on 24/7 actually will make it last longer:

I couldn’t believe this when I first heard it, but believe me science has its own ways. After I searched it I found that plugging and unplugging your sign actually wears off the transformer quicker and reduces the lifespan of your neon sign, that’s why keeping it on is much more advisable.

Neon LED signs are safe:

Though some of you might be thinking that neon sign can cause a fire or burn down, or even leak out dangerous gases, that’s totally unreal and wrong. Neon LED signs are completely safe. Unlike traditional glass neon signs, led signs aren't breakable and won't heat up. The led strip is made of silicone strip which is even friendly to babies. Some people also believe that neon signs are high voltage which is also untrue, they use a very small voltage to power the neon sign and that’s why they are not dangerous at all.

Neon LED signs are noise-free:

If you are thinking that keeping neon signs on is going to make you uncomfortable or cause any nuisance, let me tell you this; neon signs are completely comfortable, they produce no sound at all and are absolutely noise-free.

Neon LED signs are touchable:

Some of you might be thinking “what if I am out and my kids touch it, I can’t risk that”, but here is what you are missing, touching neon sign has no side effects at all, they are touchable completely friendly ;)

Popular questions about neon signs:

When it comes to neon signs people have many different opinions and keep having vague answers for what they really want to know, that’s why I am here to answer the most common question considering neon signs and their safety:

1. How long do neon LED signs last:

If they were left on 24/7 they are more likely to last for 8 to 15 years, some might stop before that but usually that’s their average lifespan. If there is a problem it’s usually the adapter that fails, however these are replaceable items.

2. How do you take care of a neon LED sign:

Led signs is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.

3. Do neon LED signs dim over time and why is that:

Many people think that neon signs dim and their lights fade because they are overused or were left on for a too long time, but that’s not true. The truth is that there are other reasons that make neon light fade, and here is the good news for you, it’s no big deal and it can be easily fixed. So here is why neon signs dim:

  • Low power: the voltage supply might be too low for the neon light, and that might be the reason your neon sign is either dim or flickering: it’s not getting high enough voltage.
  • Broken wires: wires are a fragile thing and they easily can get broken causing your neon light to dim, in this case, all you have to do is find the broken wire and replace and your neon will shine again.
  • Bad transformer; if a transformer is damaged it can cause many problems, so to avoid that make sure to get a transformer that meets the output voltage your neon sign needs.

4. How much does leaving a neon LED sign on for 24/7 cost you:

Fortunately leaving your neon sign on for 24/7 sent won’t cost you much at all, it will cost you close to 20 cents per day which is less than the cost of a 75 watt light.

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