You Will Thank Us - Amazing Tips About Using Neon LED Signs in Rain

Among the biggest worries most customers have when thinking about Neon LED signs is the rain. Sure! Without a doubt! You can use some neon LED signs outdoors, even if it is raining.

Neon LED signs can be for indoor or outdoor use. Those for outdoor use are built to be waterproof. It means you can use them in the rain and heavy downpours. Besides, they don't risk breakage or fire outbreaks because of their construction.

Let's split this topic to have a better idea about using neon LED signs outdoors.

Can Neon LED Signs Be in Rain?

You can use them without any problem whatsoever. The build isn't like that of traditional glass neon signs.

The glass ones are somewhat tricky to use outdoors in the rain and adverse weather. That's because of the delicate material and the risks that come with handling glass.

Some manufacturers can waterproof LED neon signs if you need them proofed for use in the rain. Yet, it is crucial to do this to all LED neon signs you need to have outside.

In case it rains, your LED modules on the strip will remain intact. Remember, this is what lights your signs once an electric current passes through it.

Sealing every opening on the LED neon sign is a way of waterproofing it. It ensures nothing enters its main area. Your sign will illuminate your space as it withstands the rain.

Are you wondering if you can waterproof indoor signs? Well, this is possible too. It is for safety reasons. To ensure no water affects the LED sign regardless of its position and the circumstance.

Are Neon LED Signs Waterproof?

For neon LED signs built for outdoor use, waterproofing is one of the crucial features. Those for indoor use will depend on your specifications.

It can be a personal arrangement with the manufacturer, especially if you want waterproof indoor signs. It helps you use it stress-free despite its location and the current operations in the area.

What to Avoid When Installing Neon LED Signs Outdoors?

Most people are considering neon LED signs for outdoor use. They are dumping their glass counterparts. It is because of the ambience and versatility.

You can get them in various colors and customize them to your specifications. Also, they work for almost any occasion. You only need proper customization to match your theme and type of event.

While all this is advantageous, you can run into problems if you don't get a proper installation. You should have enough knowledge and experience in electrical works, especially if you want to install the outdoor lights yourself.

If you don't, seeking professional help will be the best thing to do. Yet, anyone doing a self-installation should consider the below pointers.

1. Bending of the Light Strip

There is no doubt that LED neon signs are flexible and will work well if you install them the right way. While installing the light, ensure it isn't bending upwards and downwards.

The light shouldn't dip or curve in arches at whatever point. Such movements are likely to damage the sign. The most typical problem is the malfunctioning of the light.

2. Maintain Some Distance

You could be working with signs that are in a parallel arrangement. Thus, ensure you give a proper distance between them.

Don't install them very close. Each should be at a half-inch distance or more. Installing signs closer could lead to overheating of the LED lights. Moreover, your lights might end up having a shorter lifespan.

3. Avoid Installing It Under Water

Being waterproof is one of the advantages of outdoor neon LED signs. They can withstand adverse weather outdoors.

But it doesn't mean that you can submerge them in water. In some areas like swimming pools, you might need underwater lighting. You may need to go for alternative means.

Speaking to swimming pool constructors and experts can help you know the best light to buy.

4. Don't Light It While on the Spool!

Some LED neon signs are wound up around spools. The wounding is tight enough to ensure they are compatible and are more portable.

It is inappropriate to light the LED sign when it is wound taut. Besides, it increases the chances of malfunctioning. When the current passes through the light rope in a tight position, it might not light.

It makes the heat have no place to flow through. Thus, ensure to release the sign before lighting it, even if it is only for testing purposes.

5. Choose a Location Wisely

You will want your sign to be in a visible spot where anyone and everyone can see it. But, it would be best to be cautious of where you are installing it in your outdoor space.

Choose a good location with no obstructions. It shouldn't have elements that will need frequent moving. For example, don't install the sign on doors, gates, windows, or such places. These areas have more movement.

Instead, having the LED neon sign in a movement-free area means you are improving its durability. Also, there is no compromising of the performance.

How to Ensure Safety of Neon LED Signs Against the Rain?

Rain is one of the most tricky situations that can come at any time. So, you have to be careful when dealing with outdoor lights in rainy areas.

A) Use Outdoor-Rated Neon LED Signs

Be careful when buying Neon LED signs for your outdoor space. Regular LED neon signs will work well on patios, balconies, and such spaces.

But, the entry of moisture might cause a big problem to functionality. Not all neon LED signs are rated for outdoor use. Some could be ideal for wet locations only.

Others are weather-resistant, while a good number are weatherproof. Thus, check the packaging. Manufacturers indicate this feature on it. Moreover, ensure that your signs are designed for harsh weather conditions too.

B) Choose the Correct Position for Neon LED Signs

It is wrong to install Neon LED signs anyhow. Like said above, you can avoid areas with frequent motion. It can influence the durability of your signs.

It is ideal to buy the space's right cover in areas that you want signs but needs covering. For example, some outdoor receptacles could be on the porch or screened-in patio.

Have a door cover here to protect your sign from climate conditions. Moreover, ensure the cover is closable. Such areas can be damp. Thus, the cover you buy should be suitable for such locations.

The outdoor receptacle might not be under a roof or have a protective cover. Thus, it will be essential to get a cover for it.

Some companies sell in-use covers to use over the signs. The cover keeps the plug and receptacle in it very dry. So it doesn't matter if it is hot, raining, or pouring.

C) Use Light Shields

Your outdoor neon signs can be on the main system. But, the fixture is out in an open space. So, investing in good-quality light shields will be crucial.

Light shields are small yet clear boxes that can fit over your outdoor neon LED fixture. The shields seal them and ensure moisture doesn't get into the housing or light fitting.

Once your sign is dry, you will achieve the durability your manufacturer projects. Sometimes, it could go beyond the estimated lifespan if you take care of it well.

D) Install Weather-Resistant Receptacles

Knowledge in electrical operations is essential. That is why it is vital to seek professional help if you are in doubt.

Ensure to plug your temporary loads into functional outdoor receptacles always. Besides, avoid running the cord out through doorways or windows, especially from a receptacle in the house.

The receptacles should be weather-resistant. Some time ago, weather-resistant outlets were not a must. But, their importance is being seen today.

Some older homes might be lacking them. But they could be having weatherproof covers. Remember, these receptacles need to handle dampness.

Other aspects that they take are heat and freezing. But, again, they should handle this without damaging the receptacles, or the neon LED signs.

While choosing them, ensure that they are rated for outdoor use and are weather resistant. Otherwise, it will be useless to buy a regular one and risk the durability and lifespan of your neon LED sign.

E) Be Aware of Material That Can Catch Fire

Fire outbreaks are common with light fixtures that are not well installed. But, neon signs are built to release less heat waste.

Even so, ensure to keep away lighting material and fixtures that release a lot of heat. Also, reduce the number of bulbs around your area of installation.

Keep the signs away from all materials that could ignite or burn. For instance, you can have a good accent light below an open space.

You might be in love with the glow and the effect the light produces in that position. But, if the space has stray or hay all over, you might not love the outcome.

Final Thoughts!

Advancements, even in lighting systems, are essential. That's why many people are ditching the old glass neon signs for LED neon signs. It lets them use neon LED signs outdoors without worrying about the rain.

Because of their versatility, you are open to so many creative avenues. So, if you have been thinking about this for a while, it is time to get it done!

Remember to follow the above precautions if you are self-installing these signs. Otherwise, seeking professional help is the best thing to do.

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