Can You Touch a Neon LED Sign?

Most people worry about what would happen if they touch a Neon LED sign by mistake.

Of course, anyone can touch LED neon signs. That's because custom-made Neon LED signage produces very little heat.

It means they are safe if you touch them. What's more, these are entirely different from neon signs that heat up more and are risky to handle when on.

That's why Neon LED signs are gaining popularity so fast among businesses and households.

Can You Touch a Neon LED Sign?

Yes, there isn't a reason why you shouldn't. Neon LED signs are safe all-round both for the environment and humans.

Its light production is enough while reducing the amount of heat it produces when active. You can touch it without any worries (only if you have to). It could be during cleaning or making adjustments.

Moreover, their durability is higher. There are no risks of glass breakage from overheating. So you can agree that there are minimal to no hazards.

Yet, please make sure a professional install them for you, and you use the Neon LED signs with care.

Are Neon LED Signs Dangerous in Any Way?

No, from research findings, the upsides are more than the cons. These have proven to be more environmentally friendly than their counterparts.

LED neon signs now have unique looks, designs, styles, and feel.  Thanks to the ever-changing technologies and manufacturing techniques. It is unlike traditional neon signs.

Here are more reasons why neon LED signs aren't dangerous to your space and everything in it. Also, these can be possible reasons why you should shift from traditional neon signs.

1. Improved Construction

LED neon signs consist of a combination of plastic, acrylic, and LED lights. In addition, they consist of many small individual bulbs.

There is so much craft that goes into its design, construction, and production.

Choose what you feel works for you. The result is an illuminated and bright look without using argon or neon gas. Also, there is no use of fragile gas like what we see in traditional neon lights.

2. Enough Brightness

LED neon lights are becoming an option in an era where most people are conscious about their eye health. During the day, these lights are pretty visible.

Their clarity is incredible, and you can read them from afar with ease. Unfortunately, traditional neon signs are blurry if looking at them from a distance.

3. Affordable Price

Everyone wants the lighting to be remarkable. Yet, the light should also save as much money as possible during buying and installation.

LED neon signs are more affordable than traditional neon signage. Besides the buying cost, these are cheaper to run. In addition, they boast minimal maintenance.

4. Space-saving

Most traditional neon signages are thicker than LED neon signs. What differentiates the two when it comes to space consumption is their depth.

Older designs use tubes that you must extend farther from the backing. It creates a depth of 3 to 5-inches deep.

It is different from LED neon signs that are an inch thick. But you can also create them in any size to fit your style and space.

5. Environmentally-safe

LED neon signs are eco-friendly and consume fewer watts. Research shows that they use six to ten times less energy than their counterparts.

It means they release less heat and remain cool to touch, which is the opposite of neon gas signs.

Since they consume less energy, they are cheap to run and maintain. In addition, Neon LED signs don't have toxic gases like argon.

Does Touching a Neon LED Sign Burn You?

No, there are no burning risks from touching LED neon signs. Yet, it is a primary concern amongst most potential buyers, and I understand it.

What you need to understand is the construction of Neon LED signs. Of course, it is almost like traditional neon signs. But, their materials and mechanisms are different.

Most people think that since LED neon signs consist of many small bulbs, they can be dangerous if the strip breaks. But, in the end, it is a misconception!

These lights are more effective. They release less heat into the space and will not get hot to the point of burning you.

I can term their heat as lukewarm. It is minimal and can't burn a baby if you have floor signage.

Hence, LED neon signs are safer to touch and have no burning risks. But, most crucial, you need to install them well.

All the LED neon signs designed by us are high-quality. So all you need is to get a professional if you aren't sure about your electrical skills.

At NeonCraftsman, we put quality and safety before anything else. So, we never gamble with the construction material at the expense of our customers' safety and comfort.

How to Take Care of Your Neon LED Sign to Make It Safer?

1. Clean Your Neon LED Sign

Weather and locations will dictate how often you clean your space. Yet, of course, activities and personal preferences will come in too.

But over time, your signs accumulate dirt and build up. So the first thing to do if you want to take care of your signage is to clean it well.

If your signs are higher, seek professional help. A professional will know the right way to clean and maintain your Neon LED signs. They will do this without damaging them.

2. Inspect Your Neon LED Sign for Damage

Once you clean your sign well, ensure you check it for structural and cosmetic damage. If you identify a problem, again, seek professional help.

Things you should look out for on your outdoor LED neon signs are flickering or dim lights. More are rust and chipped paint. Others are holes, cracks, and discoloration.

Physical damage will mean that you need to check the lights in-depth for any more extensive issues. Some of the things to look out for in this case are rusty light fixtures, damaged, dirty, or burnt bulbs.

Another issue of concern is faulty wires. But, again, don't attempt to fix any wires if you don't have the technical know-how. It is risky to you and your sign.

Seek professional help whenever you are unsure of what to do. It is for your safety and the longevity of your LED neon sign.

3. Upgrade Your Signage Installation

How old is your LED neon signage? Is it as old as your house or business? Then, it could be time to get an upgrade.

There can be so much hard work that goes into picking the perfect LED neon sign for your space. Upgrading from old signage with new ones improves the brightness of the LED sign.

Also, you will save on electricity or energy costs. Businesses using LED neon signs for advertisement get more attention. Clients can see these signs from a farther distance, and this increases their chances of walking in.

You can choose to replace all the lights in your space with LED neon signage for more efficiency. That's because their brightness is better, and the ambiance is more appealing.

Final Thoughts!

LED neon lights provide a safer option, unlike traditional signs, halogen, or fluorescent lights.

They are safe for the environment and others, even if you use them in a larger space. So if upgrading your lighting is your next project, don't think twice! Choose LED neon signs!

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