Are Neon Led Signs Good?

In the debate between LED neon signs and glass neon signs, LED signs are highly preferred because LED lights are cost-efficient, brighter, safer, light in weight, customizable, conserve more energy, portable.

Are you moving into a new house and seeking some elements to decorate? Or a new business that's looking to feature something “extra”? Or a restaurant owner eager to raise the ambiance and every one of your answers cause you trying to find the right neon signs.  

A New Solution to Your Decor Problems

 Neon signs have evolved from the old traditional light tube neon signs to a contemporary LED-based form. The old signs had different gases in them which were charged to light up. LED signs use a unique technology that is almost like traditional neon. But, this is more flexible in customization. It is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

A Glance at the Past

Glass signs come with a vintage appeal of their own. The nostalgia and sentiments that are related to glass neon signs especially after we speak about the old big apple or an all classic bar are unmatched. But, glass neon signs are now becoming ornamentation of outdoor places. One of the key reasons behind that's the protection concern. LED signs are harmless in an exceedingly way that no high electric charges are passing through them or an absence of use of glass-enclosed gases. LED signs also shine brighter than the normal ones which also gives them a plus. Nowadays, traditional signs can still be seen but they need to be limited to the outside or people with a knack for nostalgia.

How are Glass Neon and LED Neon Made

LED signs compared to glass signs are far more basic in structure. a standard sign comprises many components. It consists of glass tubes, electrodes, an electrical wiring system, a transformer, and a backboard. The tubes are molded into the specified shape by an excessive heating and cooling system which is then enclosed by a system of electrodes and wiring system. Finally, a transformer converts the electrical charge to a desirable voltage. The tubes are crammed with different fluorescent gases to induce desirable colors out of them. On the opposite hand, the LED signs are fabricated from acrylic tubes during which the lights are enclosed. they're then mounted on the same backboard.

Why LED signs are Better than Glass Signs 

LED signs have become more and more popular on a daily basis because they boast great advantages over their traditional alternative options. LED signs outperform glass signs in almost every way. Here are some ways explain why LED signs are better: 

Cost: LED signs cost much lesser than traditional glass signs. there's lesser material used in the sign when it comes LED signs. The cost of making traditional neon glass signs is increased due to the utilization of gases, bending and fusion of glass. On the opposite hand, acrylic is a better material to work with and brings the cost down.

Energy Costs: LED signs are a more superior option considering energy consumption and conservation. LED signs are dependent on a low voltage of around 12V-240V and thus decrease the energy cost. The energy consumption is about 6 or 8 times lower than glass signs.

Structural Integrity: Glass signs are comparatively less durable than led signs. Glass tube is very likely to break, while LED signs are made of silicone strip thus won’t break easily.  

Repair and Maintenance: Glass signs are very costly to repair once a problem is faced. it'd require a change of electrical system or a change within the internal gases to urge the sign back to figure. Meanwhile, LED signs will be fixed by just changing a lightweight strip. 

Installation: LED signs are much easier to install because they only require a plug to be connected to a power source. However, glass signs require a more complicated and specific process. LED signs also are lighter in weight and are easy to carry. 

Customization: LED signs can be in one solid color like white, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, and also a bunch of colors in one sign. There’s also an option of RGB lights which means you can switch the lights from one solid color to another. Glass signs are available in one color due to the use of gases.

Lifespan: LED signs have a lifespan five times greater than that of glass signs.

In Conclusion

If you are seeking a nostalgic feeling for you store, glass neon signs would be good. When you are looking for something eye-catching but convenient to decor home, bar, studio, event, party, wedding…led signs is definitely the right choice.

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