Ideas for Indoor Neon Decoration to Liven up Your Place

Neon signs are those unusual glowing signs that you see on every street and city, flashing in colorful shapes and shining brightly in the dark. Lately they became a popular trend. They are not only a light source but also a decor element. With their different shapes and colors your home will be sparkling with life. In the living room for a beautiful eye-catching sight, or in the bedroom for an aesthetic night look, they always stand out.

People usually prefer neon signs or lights in their or their baby’s bedroom, lounge, sitting area, studio/workplace, and dining area to break the casualness or to bring in more feel to the place. 

Ideas to Place Neon Signs in Your Home

The Lounge Wall

Lounge is normally the first focus because it’s just right after the entrance, so it’s basically the first site of your house. With a neon sign on your lounge wall to welcome the visitors and put a smile on their faces.

Wall Opposite the Bed

You may find it weird since we hardly see an example of people focusing on the wall they’ll face once they open their eyes. Instead, all of them go for the back wall. But isn't it fabulous to have something good to see when you wake up Usually, it’s your phone, but when you have something worthwhile to read, you’ll naturally remind yourself of that. Plus, it creates a good morning mood. 

Accent Tables

Accent tables or corners always look aesthetic, which is why you need a neon lightings as well. Custom a neon sign for the table in your sitting area where you and your friends sit and talk about life. 


Kitchen is the place in your house where you can find the true meaning of life, i.e., food. Even if we see it generally, preparing food in a nicely decorated kitchen is more of a fun time than just a tedious activity. 

Gaming Area

People who have a passion for gaming love this idea. Bright neon light colors fit gaming set up so perfectly. It's pretty cool to hang a quote or username neon sign on wall.

Kid’s Room

You can have their names on the neon signs or expressions. Either way, it's going to look good and create a good ambiance for the baby to sleep in the room.

Bar And Entrance:

When you have a bar in your home, it needs to give a certain vibe so you and your guests can feel it like you should.  

Well, no worries if you don’t have a bar at your place. You can have one at the front wall to make it look less dull. Isn't it equally intriguing? 

With a good wall paint, it’s all the decoration you need.

Sitting Area

If you have one at your place, it’ll be a good place for you, your friends, and your family to shower your Instagram with gram-worthy posts.

Popular Neon Sign Phrases

You'll have to sit down to make a list of phrases or designs to make your neon signs more meaningful. It will surely take you a good deal of time. So I want to share some of the common neon sign phrases that are popular

For Your Bedroom

  • Rise And Shine
  • Life is Beautiful
  • World Needs Your Magic
  • Good Vibes Only
  • It Was All a Dream
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Do Something Great Today
  • Be Unique
  • Good as Gold

For Your Lounge

  • We Only Live Once
  • Live More, Worry Less
  • Wild and Free
  • All We Have is Now
  • Who Dares, Wins. 
  • We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments.
  • Make Everyday Special 

For Your Work Space

  • Forget the Maps, Follow Your Passion
  • Dream Hard, Work Harder
  • It’s All Gonna Pay Off
  • Success is Knocking at The Door
  • Do What You Love
  • Vision Yourself 5 Years From Now (This one is a great motivation if you need my opinion)

For Your Dressing Area

  • You’re Amazing Just The Way You are
  • Look Your Best Today
  • Don’t Ask Why
  • Babe Cave
  • Magic of Art
  • Discover, Embrace
  • Be You Unapologetically 
  • I Woke Up Like This

For House Entrance 

  • Say the Password
  • You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Become the Person You Need
  • The Door Needs a Smile to Open
  • Ring Once Only, We Can’t Fly 
  • Make Today Special 

For Your Baby’s Room

  • Our Sweetheart
  • Baby is Dreaming
  • This Creature has Our Hearts
  • Born to Love
  • Value Addition to the Family 
  • Bloom
  • Angel
  • Blessing
This is all for this section.
What's a good option here is to google quotes or check out the already existing web services as they'll have broader options for you to pick and choose from. You may also go for the reads like this one. 
Share in the comments what you learned or if we should add something in the piece? An exchange of ideas is a bliss after all.

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