Can You Use Neon LED Signs In the Cold Weather?

The benefits of using neon LED signs are immense. They have made businesses stand out by attracting customers. Besides, these signs are easy to set up and last for many years.

Neon LED signs are affordable and do not use a lot of electricity. So, if you have just started a business, neon LED signs can become a great way of announcing your arrival.

But are they okay in the cold? Many users have this doubt in their minds. They cannot figure out if cold weather has any adverse effect on the neon LED signs.

Have you been wondering whether cold weather affects neon LED signs in any way? Have you tried to observe and understand what happens to your neon signs when it's cold and freezing outside?  

So, let's pick this question for our today's post. We hope this post will add some light to this query.

Does Cold Weather Affect Neon LED Signs?

It is common to burn your fingertips anytime you try to switch out a fluorescent or incandescent light bulb. Why? That's because traditional lighting powers on and creates light using heat.

The glass bulbs, thus, heat up quite fast to high temperatures that are dangerous to touch. For this reason, they are not reliable for outdoor use. They may not power on in freezing weather.

On the other hand, Neon LED signs perform well in cold weather. They don't burn upon touching because the amount of heat they require to power on is minimal.

Cool temperatures keep the bulbs cool. Neon LED signs will stay on in any weather because they do not rely on heat to glow. These signs also last long because their material can deal with sudden temperature changes.

You can thus depend on them for your outdoor lighting needs. Your neon LED sign will perform well and even better in cold weather.

How Is the Performance of Neon LED Signs in Cold Weather Conditions?

What is your experience with neon LED signs? Has it been worth the purchase, or are you regretting why you fell into the temptation of buying it?

Well, many people love neon LED signs. Because of their durability and sturdy nature, cold weather makes them more efficient. They are also known to be affordable and energy-efficient.

Also, extreme weather conditions do not bother them. They work much better during winter. Below are the unique advantages of using neon LED signs in harsh and freezing winter.

1) Extended Lifespan

Many manufacturers use the latest technology for making neon LED signs. This technology extends their lifespan in extreme weather conditions such as winter.

Electric bulbs emit excess heat in cold weather. When the temperature drops, they bust.

Such issues are unheard of when it comes to neon LED signs. These signs do not emit heat like electric bulbs. They are thus, able to withstand any extreme temperature changes between cold and hot.

2) Low Maintenance

The standard electric bulbs are known to bust often. It is, therefore, possible to replace them several times annually. Doing this is costly and takes time.

However, you can start saving your time and money by replacing them with neon LED signs. Since they are durable, you will no longer need to worry about replacing your bulb often and suddenly. It will prove more meaningful and valuable, especially in harsh winter times.

You can imagine climbing a ladder with all the freezing winds and snow in the name of changing a bulb. Just avoid this by getting a neon LED sign, and your troubles will be a thing of the past.

3) High Efficiency

Any time you purchase something, you hope it will serve its purpose and do so well. Exceeding your expectations makes it even more reliable.

The level of efficiency that comes with neon LED signs is very high. They are highly-efficient light sources capable of working under harsh conditions, as earlier said.

It is unlike in electric bulbs. Once the mercury in the thermometer falls below the freezing point, more power will be required for the heat emission to produce enough light.

Neon LED signs do not require any additional efforts to produce more light. They are made so that they can bear drastic temperature changes.

Thus, they are reliable, efficient, and suitable for exterior lighting around your property or home. And because people's needs vary, neon LED signs also come in different wattage options.  

4) Brighter Lighting

What brightens your bad and extreme winter days? Or are they always as dark as to scare you?  

Everyone wants to get clear visibility during the gloomy and dark winter. Neon LED signs will provide just that. Their bright emission helps sail through extreme weather conditions like winter.

The best thing is that these signs do not rely on more power to produce bright light. LED  bulbs with small watt can also have brighter lighting making your winter beautiful and less stressful.  

5) Temperature Tolerance

When you talk of various lighting options, LED lighting tolerates a wide range of temperatures. They are the best for your outdoor lighting.

That's because their electrical driver never produces heat in excess like fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs do.  

What Are the Effects of Heat on Neon LED Signs?

Some things never match. We often hear not to mix bleach and vinegar, bleach and ammonia, vinegar and baking soda, or fire and sawdust. The results of such mixtures could be disastrous.

But then, what about heat and neon LED signs? What happens when they meet? Do they like to be together, and can they work well together?

Well, heat and neon LED signs are said to be enemies. We know fluorescent bulbs are 50% efficient in converting wattage to significant light. But, neon LED signs can have an efficiency of 85%.

They may create residual heat, but their heat sinks pull the heat and store it far from light, thus protecting the diodes. Neon LED signs, therefore, fail when exposed to excess heat.

If the temperature crosses 185 degrees Fahrenheit, the LED bulbs might fail. Thus, heat is an enemy to neon LED signs. That's why cold weather makes them perform better.

What Can You Do for Your Neon Signs?

Is there something you can or should do for your neon LED signs? The fact that neon LED signs are durable should not make you careless.

You should do your best to take care of them and maintain them.

1) Place It Wisely

Neon LED signs are always attractive. Curious customers may be attracted to them and damage them in their attempts to touch them. For this reason, you should place them off the customers' reach.

2) Clean Your Signs Periodically

Dusting the neon tubes is another way to care for your neon sign. You can do this every month to make your neon sign look brighter. Cleaning it in the future will also be fast and straightforward.

Don't forget to turn it off when cleaning. To clean it, you can use a feather duster to brush the neon tubes. One can also use a tiny paintbrush to reach smaller crevices and cracks. You can also vacuum the neon LED sign after cleaning the lines.

Remember to handle your sign with care to avoid damaging it.

3) Choose the Correct Place

You may want to place your neon LED sign on the inner side of your premise's window.

Doing this will reduce the adverse effects that may arise from cold weather. The tube will stay warm and will not be hit by any debris. Placing it in front of your air vent is also a good option. Airflow will increase around its' tubes. It will prevent moisture from building up inside anytime the neon LED sign is off.  

4) Keep the Wire Plugged-in

You may also want to keep your neon LED sign plugged in throughout except when cleaning it. Why? Because turning it on and off every day could wear out the sign's power transformation sooner.

Neon LED signs do not use heated filaments. They use electrodes. They, thus, don't get hot and do not pose any dangers. The energy costs should not worry you because neon LED signs do not use much power to operate.  Lighting it for hours will use less electricity. Restarting its power transformer will use more.

Final Thoughts!

Neon LED signs are beautiful. They are suitable for homes, restaurants, bars, and many other types of businesses. These signs are a perfect replacement for fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, especially outdoors.

Neon LED signs are highly efficient with brighter lighting. They perform better in cold weather and tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

Taking good care of them is always recommended. By this, your neon LED signs will perform better in both the summer and winter seasons.

We hope this motivates you to get a neon LED sign today and avoid all sorts of dimming that often occurs during the harsh winter season!

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