Are Neon Signs Safe for Bedrooms?

Neon signs are perfect for use in the bedroom. They add to the ambiance and style of your space. So, it makes your bedroom cozier to spend more time in all the time. In addition, they don't burn as they are safe to touch.
Yet, you need proper installation so that they can only run warm. Remember that in traditional neon tubing, there are electrodes.
It forms the starting and ending points for traveling the current. These sections get hot. Refrain from touching them. Thus, you will love what neon signs will do to your bedroom.
If you are into décor using lights and signs, this is one of the best ideas to go for at the moment.

What Is Neon LED Signage?

Neon LED signs are a type of lighting mechanism that uses LED strips. The technology uses LED flexible ropes and food-grade silicone strips attached with LEDs. Besides, it also includes acrylic boards that make the signs resemble glass neon.
As a result, it gives them excellent features of lighting. The Neon LED tubes made from high-quality components can offer an elegant look to any space.
With cutting-edge technology, this feature also ensures they are safe, low voltage, silent, and durable, unlike glass neon that breaks.

What Are the Key Features of Neon Led Signs

Neon LED signs are becoming a favorite among most home users and interior décor lovers. They boast great features hence their popularity is rising over the past few years.
Some features place Neon signs on top of the list when users buy them online or from physical stores.


First, high-quality signs feature high-grade and durable material. Second, there are a plethora of Neon sign products in the market.

But if you aren't careful, you might land low-quality signage. Among others, what has proven to work is the LED neon known for its flexibility.
Food-grade silicone strips connected with LED lights are among the most recommended. In addition, acrylic backboards are easy to clean and give more illumination.  Besides, using the LED strips doesn't need gas refilling.
These materials and SAA-certified and UL-listed adapters make a complete setup of an ideal Neon sign. What is left is proper assembly and rigorous tests to gauge functionality.

Battery Consumption

Most LED strips run on batteries. Good-quality products ensure that the battery consumption is minimal. Most often, the signage runs on battery saver mode. You know what relief this can give to your pocket.


Well, no one wants a product that they can't last with for as much as they would. So you may want to choose signage that is low maintenance. Better off, it should be of zero maintenance.
If you install them in areas prone to dust, they will need dusting to keep them clean. That is the most considerable effort you can make to keep them well-maintained.

Light Quality

Superb is what I'd say. LED neon signage could be enough to illuminate your bedroom even when the primary lights are off. They might not produce much light to read, but these are ideal if you want to spot objects.
It doesn't mean that their brightness is sharp to the eye. When you turn on the lights, they look beautiful. When lights are off, they are subtle. In short, they are easy on the eyes.


Here, we'll focus on environmental safety. The Neon signs don't use gas, so no emissions are released into the location.


You can get signage for anything you love. Be it graphics, pictures, letters, or numbers, this is possible. Also, sizes are customizable as per your needs.


During installation, you can choose a safe mounting method, which is ideal for your bedroom.
LED neon signage can be mounted using mounting screws, hanging wires, or mounting strips. Moreover, you can also let the signage sit on a table or console by the stand. In short, you can let them lean on the wall or lie on the ground.


Color trends are part of the dynamic interior décor sector. Each year or season comes with a different color palette. If you want to add LED neon signage to your space, here are some of the available color ideas you could choose.
  • Single colors: It will use one solid color.
  • Multi-colored signage: These use multiple solid colors to create fantastic color combinations.
  • RGB signs: It lets you change the color of this signage with the help of a dimmer remote.

Is Neon Signage Safe to Use in Bedroom?

When personalizing your bedroom using neon signage, safety is among the considerations of most users. Besides expressing your personality using these pieces, they add an artsy and fun twist to your space.

Of course, Neon signs are safe for use in the bedroom because they produce very little light. Neon signage is also safe when touched.
Some traditional signs can get very hot when they've been on for a long time. But the latest Neon signs care for your safety and ensure the utmost safety of a user.
LED neon signage has low power consumption. It means that these signs are safer and lower your power bills. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and don't produce any harmful gases.
What's more, they have unique designs being larger than glass models. These signs are also shatter-resistant. So if you want to get a creative yet unique glow in the bedroom, this will do.

Where Can You Use Neon Lights in a Bedroom?

Neon signs are becoming prevalent additions in homes like they are in cafes and restaurants. Here are a few areas you can install them to create different moods.

1. Tie Them on Your Bedroom Ceiling

There are neon signs for the ceiling. It is one of the most popular yet accepted options. Neon signs for the top come in shapes like moons or stars. As a result, such designs give an illusion of the sky at night.
Neon signs for the ceiling are a great way of saving space. Thus, you can use the vertical and ground space for other decorations. It is also a fabulous choice if you have walls that are full of decorations.

2. Hang Them on Your Bedroom Walls

Walls are perfect for experimenting with various styles. Depending on how tall your walls are, you can choose designs that please you and match your bedroom décor and theme.


3. Place Them Above Your Bed

Most people place neon signs above their beds to express love. It can be in the form of a romantic quote. Besides, others use shapes like hearts. Lips or roses will also express romance and create a similar mood for those who need something special.
You can decide to have your signs in letters like LOVE or SWEETHEART. Do this to set a friendly tone for your space.

4. Get Them in Picture Frames

Neon signs in frames will be great for expressing random words or quotes. It adds personalization or charm to the space. If you want to design an unconventional room, use signs rather than traditional photos.

Safety Tips to Use Neon Lights in a Bedroom

As an excellent addition to your bedroom, Neon signs can lift your space. These will, however, need you to handle them with care.
They aren't delicate like glass, but for general safety, here are a few pointers. Putting them into consideration will add to the longevity of your signs while maintaining security.

A. Keep Your Kids Away From Signs

Children love to touch everything beautiful. They won't be blind to your neon signage. They love the light and brightness as much as you do. If you have children who need close monitoring, have your lights above their reach.
You can do this while you teach them the importance of handling things carefully. Also, this ensures they can enjoy the space like you do. Even if they are learning how to clean surfaces, let adults clean the neon signage.

B. Avoid Overloading of the Plug Sockets

You should be knowing this even if you don't have neon signs. If you overload a plug socket, you increase the chances of overheating. In addition, it can lead to an outbreak of fire or spark.
To plug in the neon lights, always do it in a safe socket. If you are using an extension, check other appliances or gadgets plugged into the nearby sockets. Ensure the devices don't stick or are below the maximum current rate for the extension.

C. Never Put Covering On Your Neon Sign

First, you didn't buy the signs so that you can cover them. You want them visible to everyone.
So, never do this when the signs are ON. You don't want to risk overheating. The lights should be clear all the time.
Moreover, have them far from flammable substances. Maintaining its cleanliness is crucial for its safety and overall look.

D. Get Expert Help When Mounting

I know you all love DIY activities. But with Neon signs, ensure you get a professional to help with mounting. It will ensure that the process is safe and secure.
Moreover, avoid modifying your signs individually. That's because it can mess around with the tubes and other components, leading to damage or more danger.

Final Thoughts!

That's it! Neon signs for the bedroom are excellent for aesthetics and functionality. If these two aren't the reasons why you need a few in your space, use them to express your style and personality. In addition, they are easy to use, safe, and durable. So, go for them now!

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